News from Dan O'Malley

Keeping Lakewood Safe
“Keeping Lakewood safe is a top priority of mine,” O’Malley said. “As a member of council, I will advocate for better resources for our safety forces and crack down on absentee landlords who neglect their properties and tenants…” Read more

Working for residents and holding landlords accountable
“The Lake Shore Towers complex is located in O’Malley’s ward, and he believes the city is compelled to intervene on the behalf of the residents and get them reimbursement…” Read more

“City Councilman Dan O’Malley, whose ward includes the apartment building, said he is intervening on behalf of the residents…” Read more

“[O’Malley] cited a city a ordinance that places the responsibility of extermination costs on the owner of a multi-unit property when two or more units within that property have a bed bug infestation. ‘It is not your responsibility,’ O’Malley told tenants. ‘When you’re being charged…somebody is breaking the law.’” Read more

Fighting for equality

“Councilman Dan O’Malley introduced the legislation, which would extend protections to those patronizing Lakewood businesses or looking to buy or rent homes in the city. It also would protect employees of businesses with four or more workers from discrimination…” Read more

“This ordinance sends a clear message once and for all that Lakewood is a welcoming place where everyone is a part of the community,’ said Councilman Dan O’Malley, who introduced the legislation…” Read more